Welcome to Crossfit Reclamation

Welcome to CrossFit Reclamation – the area’s PREMIER strength and conditioning facility, proudly serving the Seacoast community since 2011.

We are not your typical gym: we don’t take your money in hopes you never show.
We are here to help you daily and take pride in getting you results, bringing you world-class fitness by following our simple prescription:

Eat Clean, Train Hard, Live Life!

We create a fun, like-minded community of people, young and old, who are dedicated to working hard and achieving results through weight lifting, gymnastics, and conditioning.
This atmosphere fosters positive peer influence, camaraderie, motivation, and friendly competition. You might enter as strangers, but you’ll quickly become family.

CrossFit Reclamation will get you in shape quicker than anything else you’ve ever done and you’ll have FUN doing it.

FREE INTRODUCTORY CLASS EVERY SATURDAY @ 11:00 (please note – NO class 8.30.14)

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