One thing that separates CrossFit Reclamation from other strength-and-conditioning programs or any thing in my life, is Kathy and the community. In my opinion, these factors are just as important as technique as the coaching from the KATHY BARBER and her programming. The emphasis on community is what’s matters. CrossFit is like no other sport. The community ,strength and beauty in the athletes is like no other. Here at CrossFit Reclamation people truly get to be the best they can, laugh with their community, shine in their beauty and kick ass with their strength. Only being with Kathy Barber at Reclamation for a short amount of time, I've come to realize the impact it has on my life. Not just physically or mentally,or pr'ing my mile but becoming a more well rounded athlete, student and child. 

For me I needed to new challenge, something that pushes me. To put me in a place high up to stay out of trouble. That one day I looked up crossfit boxes neer me and of course there was on few miles from my house I couldn't help but to shoot an email and get started as soon as possible. My first elements class with Kathy was like nothing I've ever done before. Not only did I learn basic movements and stretching technics but she was inviting, intelligent , and she believed that I could do this. Every day I come in there she is with a smiling face, high fives and support from everyone in the gym. 

CrossFit Reclamation has surely become my new home. It has been the best decision of my life as every day I feel blessed to have found CrossFit & the amazing CrossFit community. But being a full time CrossFit athlete and also a full time high school student has been hard to find a balance of both. But thankfully I have Kathy , my parents and friends to help me through my journey of awesomeness!! 

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive: and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." Maya Angelou


Mitch before...

Mitch before...

I crossed the threshold of CrossFit Reclamation with apprehension and intimidation. What is this thing they call CrossFit, am I ready, can I do it, I am not an athlete.  After 25 years of a sedentary lifestyle I had made the decision I wanted a change and I had no idea what a major role CrossFit Reclamation and its trainers would have.  My idea of a change was a slimmer waistline, a drop in shirt size, that was it, I could have never anticipated what was to come.

Shortly after my first few Elements classes all that initial apprehension fell by the wayside. What I discovered was an incredibly supportive environment where other participants and the coaches were cheering me on to excel at this thing they call CrossFit.  It was almost as if they had a vested interest in my success. I soon learned about the “community” of CrossFit, it is real!  It is people from all different walks of life doing something they love together and it’s a connection we all share!  There is something about working out as a group, the first one who finishes a workout is the first to cheer on the rest until everyone finishes, now that’s support!  There is much to be said for seeing one’s self or another member improve, grow stronger, increase stamina, it is very empowering and rewarding.

As for my idea of change, well that changed too. No longer was I only interested in what the bathroom scale read.  I soon made significant positive changes to my diet.  I began to set goals for myself and once met; I set new target goals, 2X bodyweight dead lift, 8 min mile, etc. The PRs (personal records) began to rack up, my health improved, my stress was down, and my outlook positive!  I was stronger and fitter than I had been in any time in the previous 30 years or ever imagined possible.

Mitch after

Mitch after

Joining CFR and sticking with it has been life changing for me.  At 51 years of age, for the first time in my life I can say “I AM AN ATHLETE”.  I didn’t know it was in me, but the combination of a great CFR community, coaching, family and belief in me has made it possible.

Thank you CFR.

Robert Mitchell